Our History

GSS was established by Takahiro and Joanna Kubota in 2006 as a business consulting firm focused on developing unique and effective strategies for companies (and governments). Having spent years overseas working for major corporations, we moved to Australia and by chance, discovered the Illawarra/South Coast, a place that had a beautiful environment, wonderful people and great beaches. We found we had a strong desire to utilise our internationally-gained high level business experience and knowledge of sophisticated business practices to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in this region as well as elsewhere in Australia and overseas and hence set up our company here.


Our Vision

Our vision is "Above all, your success" and we live and breathe that vision. This means that we focus on results and not on the process to get there. We believe that having a beautifully-crafted, logical and effective strategy is essential but its creation does not equate to a job well done. Instead, we do not consider our job complete until we have achieved the growth (or other target) that is your objective.


Our Modus Operandi

We pride ourselves on providing customized strategies that have been tailored specifically for each client based on their needs, desires and the problems they are facing and are adapted and updated regularly to incorporate changes and ensure they produce the optimal result possible. Just as every company and its situation is unique, so must be the strategy to develop its competitive advantage.


"Think globally, act locally"

We are highly client-focused and spend the time to get to know and understand our clients. Our experience of major, globally competitive corporations gives us the ability to think beyond the square and provide innovative and unique strategies and solutions. In other words, we are expert at being able to "Think globally, act locally". 



GSS media news in Australia

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