Bringing global expertise to SMEs

GSS is a specialist business consulting firm focused on utilising its internationally-gained professional knowledge and skills to develop creative and effective strategies for companies (and governments) in order to; foster and support their expansion and growth; exploit and maximise their opportunities; reduce their costs; identify and resolve their issues and overcome their challenges; and generally develop a position of greater competitive advantage within the marketplace.


Global expertise

Having enjoyed prestigious careers in major international corporations, we have business backgrounds that are fairly rare in Australia. This means we can provide firms with an understanding of top-level standards of business practices, and insights into the workings of highly successful global corporations such as Visa international, Qantas, Hyundai Motor HQ, Arnotts etc.


Knowledge of SMEs

We also have the professional skills to transform this special knowledge and experience into customized strategies for SMEs that bring substantial and ongoing growth. We have provided assistance to over 750 SMEs by acting as Small Business Specialists/Lead Consultants on Federal, NSW State and Local Government programs and, as Founding Mentors and Advisers, have provided mentoring and coaching services to the start-up businesses participating in the iAccelerate incubation program (https://www.iaccelerate.com.au/iaccelerate-business-incubator/business-mentorship/) set up and run by the University of Wollongong, Federal Government, NSW State Government and Wollongong City Council in 2012.


Passionate about regional Australia

We have grown to love regional Australia and the people in it and that is our motivation for focusing on SMEs there as we are passionate in our desire to make a positive contribution. We hence have the enthusiasm to dedicate ourselves to the task of growing entrepreneurial firms and doing our absolute utmost to fast-track their expansion.